Friday, April 27, 2012


Today as I sat in the anti-copagulation clinic and waited for Matt to set up my next appointment I marveled at how well we've adjusted to this major life change, now I'm not saying it's been perfect and smooth sailing because it hasn't been there has been plenty of frustration and stress on both our parts that have affected how we relate to one another, but I believe the true test of a relationship is how it handles pressure and this one has handled it as well as can be expected. We still talk about the good 'ole days when I could run jump and use both hands but now we use the power of laughter to get us through the really tough stuff and Ias a result I believe we love and appreciate each other so much more, we certainly are learning to be more patient with each other and what couple can't benefit from that? S, to sum it up. I am amazed at the strength my husband has and the faith that he has in me, What an amazing person that I get to be with everyday! he singlehandedly manages our lives in such a compassionate way. I'm a lucky girl!

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