Thursday, April 26, 2012


My friend, Nancy writes an incredible blog and a few day ago I read this amazing entry:, that really got me thinking about something I've been working on for the past few months. As she talked about how hurtful many internet writers can be when discussing women who choose to go back to work, cursing them and accusing them of not loving their families. I really identified with hor deeply these peoplsecomments cut her, because I feel the same way everytime I read an article demonizing women who formula feed, but the thing I tell myself to comfort me when I'm confronted with that level of judgement is something I've been trying to remind myself of everytime I start feeling judge-y, everyone has their own story, I had no choice but to formula feed it was either starve my baby or poison her due to the meds I was on, I think the choice is clear, I think our soviety would function in a much ,mor positive way if we could all remember that everybody is fighting their own fight and is on their own journey. I've always admired peopl who never had anything bad to say about others and now I am striving to achieve that, and I think the easiest way is to remember we all are telling our own stories, let's give each other room to tell theirs!


  1. i love this post, liz. it's a huge shortcoming of mine, and i really want to learn to give people room to tell their stories. i like that way of thinking. xo!

  2. We each have our own journey. The path is different for each of us. What is right for me may be wrong for you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder Liz. I can get pretty judge-y sometimes. I need a kick in the pants to remind me to carry kindness in my heart.